Poetry workshop 3 September 2016

Facilitator: Chris Fewings
Venue: Moseley, Birmingham

For people who write poetry of any sort or are starting to do so. I’ve had excellent feedback on these first-Saturday-of-the-month sessions and people keep coming back. There’s always a mix of old and new faces.

We always take a close look at some poems from books, but the main aim is to absorb them, not to dissect them. Then we do some short writing activities and people share what they’ve written (though there’s no obligation to do so).

Each time we have a theme and consider a particular aspect of poetry, but we sit lightly to those – other stuff comes up. This time we’ll be thinking of naming and creating new names for plants in the garden. We’ll also be experimenting with using an image or a scene as a starting point for a poem and letting it emerge – letting the poem write itself, without too much conscious control.

COST: £10. Book in advance via the contact form by email chris.fewings@nullrw5.uk and pay on arrival (cash or bank transfer) (text: 07952 909804). On this occasion we won’t be giving group feedback on poems you bring but IF you email a poem which you would like to read to the group at the end, I’ll print them all out and people will also be able to take these home.

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